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About Clean and Sweep

Clean and Sweep is a family business established four years ago by Mark Styles. Mark, previously the owner of a successful Hardware and DIY shop on the South Coast, spent many years talking to customers about their DIY dilemmas and problems. He decided to set up Clean and Sweep to provide householders and businesses with reliable, professional cleaning services for jobs that no-one really enjoyed doing 'I don't think I once heard anyone rush into my shop saying how much they were looking forward to cleaning their gutters' he laughs. 'When we set up Clean and Sweep we decided that our mantra would always be 'Arrive on Time, Do the best possible job and clear up after yourself' .. and we keep to that.

If you are looking for a chimney sweep for your wedding then Clean & Sweep's Mark Styles is available for hire within a 30 mile radius of Brighton. Mark has his own top hat and traditional Chimney Sweep Wedding attire. Why are Chimney Sweeps considered lucky? There are many legends and stories about where the tradition of chimney sweeps being lucky comes from. Three stories in particular go some way to explaining why Chimney Sweeps may be considered lucky. To find out more about these stories visit

The three legends surrounding why Chimney Sweeps are lucky

King George III (King between 1738 - 1820) saved by a chimney sweep

King George was riding through the streets of London. A dog starts barking, the bark startled the kings horse and made it panic. A chimney sweep, being the only courageous bystander got hold of the horse and calmed it - saving the Kings life. King George was extremely grateful and declared that from that day forward all chimney sweepers were lucky and were to be treated with respect.

King William (King between 1066 - 1087)

Legend has it that the king was walking peacefully down a road and out of the blue a runaway carriage headed straight for the king. The heroic chimney sweep pushed the king out of the carriages path - saving his life. The delighted king showed his gratitude by declaring that all chimney sweeps were to be considered good luck. The king invited the chimney sweep to his wedding to ensure the day ran without any mishaps

The chimney sweep who fell down a chimney and...into love

A chimney sweep going about his sweeping duties fell off the roof but fortunately his foot got caught in a gutter. He was stuck hanging upside down. A young lady living in the house heard the noise and pulled him in through a window saving his life. The lady was engaged to another man but she and the chimney sweep fell madly in love. She broke off her engagement and married the chimney sweep. They lived happily together for many years.

If you would like a chimney sweep at your wedding to spread good luck to the happy couple and their friends and family then contact Mark on 07976 711558